Introductory Questions

1. Daniil Gerasimov, Communication Design, Junior

2. I'm taking this class as part of Com Des curriculum. I'm excited for the chance to improve my digital interaction and web development skillset in context of my design practice!

3. I took a Web Development class my freshman year. I can't say I remember a whole lot of details off the top, but I hope it'll all come back to me fairly easily.

4. I would love to generally expand my proficiency with both HTML, CSS and JS

5. I see plenty of differences, from vertical vs. horizontal scrolling to the various distances from which the reader views digital and print materials.

6. I think my friend Elliott's website is incredibly well designed. It effectively flips every boring convention of contemporary minimalist webdesign and truly engages the viewer into an idiosyncratic experience.

7. The New Yorker: I think the New Yorker's website does a great job at communicating the magazine's content, values and style through a combination of type, illustration and layout elements.

8. Google:it feels like a very effective search engine to me; it delivers on its premise effectively.